Content Authoring

Authoring Application

Responsibility for authoring, reviewing, and ownership of content can span across departments, functions, trading partners, and countries, in multiple languages. DCP provides a single, integrated environment for creating, contributing, reviewing, and revising structured content.

DCP includes the oXygen Editor – a user-friendly XML editor that looks and feels like a word processing application. oXygen offers:

  • Collaboration between authors, content contributors and reviewers

  • Out-of-the-box DITA, S1000D and SPL

  • Single-source publishing capabilities

  • Out-of-the-box integration with most XML content repositories

DITA Structured Authoring

DITA is an XML standard that has gained widespread acceptance as an information architecture for technical manuals, training, reference materials, and other types of content. DITA helps authors focus on content creation instead of formatting, and provides a standard for content interchange and interoperability between authoring tools, CCMSs, and publishing components. DITA can be specialized to support new types of content, providing a basis for building custom content applications.

Dakota implements custom DITA solutions that support customer-specific requirements, such as publishing technical manuals, product specifications, industry standards, marketing collateral, and knowledge bases. DCP supports DITA authoring and publishing out of the box, providing a scalable platform for content reuse, localization, dynamic content distribution, and single-source publishing.

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