PIM Strategy & Roadmap Packages

Digital Transformation Strategy

Product manufacturers face unique challenges when it comes to planning successful digital transformations, and Dakota understands this. B2B manufacturers often lack critical digital skillsets such as digital planning and governance, user experience design, product data, information architecture, analytics, and IT skills in digital platforms. Dakota can help close these gaps and assure your team develops a comprehensive transformation strategy and project plan.

Requirements & Technology Selection

Dakota has time-tested approaches to software requirements analysis to assure you select the technology platforms that are right for you. We can help your team rapidly define requirements for product information management, content management, site search, and digital analytics. We have experience with the leading PIM platforms and can guide your selection process to assure your PIM platform meets your needs now, and in the future.

PIM Taxonomy Design

Your PIM contains the “master product data” for your e-commerce platform, online catalog, print catalogs and brochures, and distributor data files. It has to serve a lot of masters. Designing a product taxonomy for PIM requires specialized skills. Dakota’s team of product taxonomists has years of experience developing best-in-class PIM taxonomies that will assure your product data flows smoothly to every publishing and syndication channel.

Product Portal Implementation

WBR Research reports that 83% of European B2B manufacturers have challenges with the flow and exchange of data – both in-house and with their distributors. Even organizations that have invested heavily in modern PIM systems are still challenged to syndicate content to all of their distributors and marketplaces in the formats and with the details they demand. Implementing a Product Portal provides a clearinghouse where your distribution and channel partners to access the latest product data, documents, and digital assets. Dakota can help you deploy a Product Portal quickly and effectively – even if you haven’t yet implemented a PIM.

Program Governance & Change Management

A successful PIM program requires that your team is able to maintain a high-quality product data production operation, without the help of outside resources or consultants. It needs to become the way you work. Dakota is your go-to partner for PIM governance and change management consulting. We’ll design a governance approach that is right-sized for your organization, with a “light touch” to minimize management overhead. We’ll work with your teams to define new work processes, and assure you acquire the skills you need to sustain success.

PIM Strategy & Roadmap Packages

PIM Strategy PIM Roadmap PIM Technology Readiness PIM Organizational Readiness
Package Price (excluding travel) $25K $50K $75K $100K
PIM 5-Point Readiness Assessment
Site & Search Analytics Audit
PIM / MDM Awareness Training
PIM / MDM Strategy
Desired State Capabilities Checklist
Technical Solution Architecture
Vendor Recommendations
PIM Deployment Roadmap & Business Impact
Product IA Technical Requirements
Product Data Model & Taxonomy Framework
PIM Operational Process Design
PIM Governance Model & Process Design
Organization Change Leadership Plan
Process Metrics & Dashboard

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